Our Approach

As an independently-owned boutique investment advisory firm, we are distinguished by our commitment to client-first independence. To that end, we do not sell products or investments, we are not compensated by third parties, and we are not bound by external quotas or sales metrics that could influence our counsel.  

Our independence allows us to be more selective in the resources we use and the investments we make. We focus solely on what’s right for our clients—not what serves the interests of a parent firm.

What we do—and How We Do It

Wright Cove’s investment methodologies were learned, tested, and tempered on Wall Street, where our founders navigated the intensity of day-to-day market fluctuations and the turbulence of major financial crises. We draw on that experience, layering in time horizons and special circumstances to arrive at tailored, risk profile-appropriate asset allocation. Working with this combination of individualized input, we develop and execute client-specific investment plans to achieve the greatest return per unit of risk. 

We honor our role as client fiduciaries, earning each client’s trust by making their interests our highest priority and pursuing results through:

  • Experience. Our disciplined approach to investment management is based on modern portfolio theory, relying on a mix of active, passive, and alternative investment strategies—augmented by Wall Street-refined risk management techniques. As authors of each client’s investment strategy, we are positioned to adjust course toward our clients’ objectives as circumstances require.
  • Independence. We are deliberately unaffiliated, and our decisions are motivated solely by the desire to achieve our clients’ investment objectives. We leverage trusted, independent third parties for the investment research and risk assessment tools necessary to achieve desired performance.
  • Efficiency. Our independence allows us to move decisively, reduce costs, and engage directly with our clients. We use innovation and technology selectively and work with trusted legal and accounting professionals to augment our expertise and craft sound, sustainable financial strategies—while keeping costs low.